Xilloi a nice beach protected by cliffs in lugo

We begin the week in Galicia, an autonomous region that has much to offer the traveller beyond Santiago de Compostela and the wonderful seafood of the area. For example, it offers a wonderful coastline full of beautiful beaches, although it is true that the temperature of its waters does not invite you to swim even during the summer season.

Today on this website we would like to tell you about one of the most beautiful Galician beaches. We are talking about Xilloi beach, located in O Vicedo, in the province of Lugo. Would you like to discover it? Well, now you know what you have to do! Don’t miss anything of what we tell you below!

White sand and crystal clear waters

Xilloi beach offers 10,000 square metres of fine, white sand and crystal-clear, calm waters. For this reason, during the summer it is usually full of people, especially at weekends. In fact, it is a sandy area that is quite well adapted to tourism, with a picnic area, a kiosk, toilets, litter bins, showers, cleaning services, car park… There are also some very good restaurants in the area.


Great scenic beauty

The beach is shell-shaped and protected by cliffs. As you can see for yourself by taking a look at the images shown in our gallery, it is a beach of great scenic beauty, although it is true that the surroundings are semi-cliffed. One of the attractions of the beach is the area of dunes, through which a stream runs.

For birdwatchers

Finally, we would like to mention that this is an ideal sandy area for birdwatchers, as a large number of seagulls and migratory birds hang around the area. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this beach located in Galicia. Don’t miss it!

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