Virgin beaches in andalucia

Nueva Umbria1
Like many other parts of Spain and the world, Andalusia has also been affected by mass tourism, which has tremendously damaged its coastline. However, we can still enjoy some beaches that have not been touched by the hand of man. These are what we call virgin beaches.

If you live in this wonderful community or are planning to spend a few days there this summer, you will surely be interested to know some of the unspoilt beaches that can be found along its beautiful and extensive coastline. Today we are going to tell you about some of them. Will you join us?

Bolonia, Cádiz

Playa de BoloniaWe want to start our tour of some of the best unspoilt beaches in Andalusia in Cadiz, the province that is home to Bolonia, a wild white sandy beach perfect for surfers due to the strong wind that reigns here. Also, bear in mind that nudism is allowed in some areas.

Nueva Umbría, Huelva

Nueva UmbriaAnother unspoilt beach that we would like to show you is Nueva Umbría, which, thanks to its isolation, among other things, remains intact. With fine white sand, this beach is a true natural paradise where you can find a variety of ecosystems. Furthermore, we must not forget that it is surrounded by incredible natural sites, such as the Laguna del Portil Nature Reserve, the Marismas del Odiel Nature Reserve and the Enebrales de Punta Umbría Nature Reserve.

Maro Beach, Malaga

Playa de MaroThe beach of Maro could not be missing in this list either, where you will be able to enjoy beautiful waters and beautiful natural landscapes.

Los Muertos Beach, Almeria

Playa de los MuertosFinally, we would like to tell you about Los Muertos Beach, located in Almeria, specifically in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. This white sandy beach is completely isolated and breathtaking. In the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve you can find other unspoilt beaches such as Playa de los Genoveses or Playa de Mónsul.

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