Smoke free beaches in baiona the first in galicia

Don’t worry, there are beaches in Spain where smoking is forbidden. A few days ago we told you about some of these smoke-free spots in France, Italy and in our own country and today we want to talk about the first beaches in Galicia where smoking is banned. Undoubtedly, this kind of measures are becoming a trend in European beaches.

This is the town of Baiona, which has taken the initiative to commit to health and care for the environment on its beaches of Os Frades and A Ribeira. For its mayor, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, it is a question of “common sense”, since people of all ages live together in these places, especially children. To draw the attention of bathers, both beaches have green flags with the inscription “Smoke-free beaches”. What do you think?
In addition to the flags, informative posters have been installed, leaflets have been distributed and ashtrays have been placed at the entrances so that bathers can extinguish their cigarette butts before going onto the sand. However, for the moment, the campaign will be informative and dissuasive to raise awareness among neighbours and visitors of the benefits of a life without tobacco.

In addition to the fight against smoking, the Baiona City Council wanted to promote this initiative as a measure to care for the environment, as cigarette butts can cause serious damage to the ecosystem, due to their slow degradation (over 7 years), which makes them a real danger to marine fauna and also to underage children, who can find them in the sand.

Interesting move, don’t you think? We are sure that we will be seeing this type of initiative on more beaches in Spain.

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