Wild beaches in catalonia

We are going to the most unspoilt part of Catalonia to discover some of its wildest beaches. These are places where tourist infrastructures have not reached and where the natural beauty remains unaltered and untouched.

Fonda cove (Tarragona)

This virgin beach is 200 metres long and 25 metres wide and is also known as Waikiki. It lacks any kind of facilities for its visitors, nor does it have any services for users, and it is possible to practise nudism here. You can get there from Playa de la Mora beach and from Playa Larga beach.

Tavallera cove (Port de la Selva)

This is one of the wildest areas of the Costa Brava. This cove is located about two kilometres from Port de la Selva and you will reach it along a path. Of course, you’ll spend about two hours walking along the Cap de Creus, although the reward is well worth it. There is a refuge here where you can spend the night if you feel like enjoying the magic of dusk and dawn in this unspoilt area.


Sa Sabolla beach (Cadaqués)

It is a solitary cove that can also be reached by taking a nice walk. You can also reach it by boat or kayak, for example. It is near Cadaqués and offers a totally unspoilt natural landscape with slate rocks.

Trabucador Beach (Sant Carles de la Ràpita)

This beach is located in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, in Tarragona. It is six kilometres long and is in the Ebro Delta Natural Park reserve. An unspoilt beach with completely natural sand and sea and water birds. You can get there by car as far as the entrance where it says “protected area”; then you will have to walk, but this time it is a lighter walk.

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