Nudist beaches in santander

As we have already mentioned on numerous occasions, nudism is not prohibited on any beach in Spain, although if you are a fan of this practice and don’t want to be looked down upon, the best thing to do is to go to a beach that has been declared a nudist beach or one that has a naturist tradition. Luckily, in our country it is not usually a problem to find this type of beach.

In Cantabria, for example, you can find several beaches with a nudist tradition, although it is true that none of them are in Santander. However, you will be able to enjoy some of them around the capital of Cantabria, and we will tell you about the best ones below!

El Puntal Beach

El-PuntalFirst of all, we would like to talk about El Puntal beach, which is located in Ribamontán, a municipality in the Bay of Santander, 32 kilometres from Santander. It is a long but not very wide beach with fine golden sand. The best thing about this place is that it is totally natural, although there is a cleaning and lifeguard service, as well as an establishment that sells food and drink.

Somocuevas Beach

SomocuevasIn Liencres, which is in the municipality of Piélagos and quite close to Santander, you can enjoy Somocuevas beach, which is protected by a huge rocky outcrop. It is a small beach with few facilities and beautiful scenery. It is important to bear in mind that it is divided into two areas: a large one with dunes and a smaller rocky one. However, both are nudist beaches.

Covachos Beach

CovachosFinally, we would like to talk about Covachos beach, which is only 10 kilometres from the city of Santander. Specifically, it is located in Soto de la Marina, a town in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Bezana. It is a crescent-shaped beach at the foot of some cliffs. It is an ideal area for snorkelling.

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