Nudist beaches in menorca

As in the rest of Spain, nudism is not forbidden on the beautiful island of Menorca (Balearic Islands). Precisely because of this, anyone can visit any beach they want to, stripping off their clothes completely without any problem… However, for those who prefer to do so without the critical stares of others who value them and prejudge them, there are some beaches specially designed for nudists and naturists.

Do you want to know some of them? Take note and establish your own route around the island!

– Cala del Pilar: This is one of the most popular nudist beaches on the island, despite the lack of space in the barely 250 metres it has. This rustic beach maintains its crystal-clear turquoise waters and sun-gilded sand surrounded by high mountains of typical Mediterranean vegetation.

– Cala Calderer: Located in Es Mercadal, this beach almost as wide as it is long (90 X 80m) is in an isolated environment of great rusticity and difficult access. However, the fine golden sand and the beautiful crystalline waters of the coast are well worth a visit.

– Cala de Sa Torreta: Charming little cove of golden sand and crystalline waters with an extension of more than 220 metres. Not very crowded, this beach is ideal for a day of relaxation and disconnection.

– Mesquida Cove: This is one of the longest (300m) and busiest nudist beaches on the island. In addition to its beautiful coastline of golden sand and gravel, there are some good services such as sun lounger hire, sunshades, some nautical boats, a cleaning service and a Red Cross post.

– Cala Tamarells: Located in Mahón, this 110-metre beach is made up of golden sand bathed on its shore by calm, beautiful turquoise waters.

– Capifort: An ideal setting for relaxation. With 180 metres of whitish sand with pebbles bathed by beautiful crystalline waters, this beach could be one of the nudists’ favourites.

– Es Grau: Located next to the town centre of the same name, Es Grau is the largest nudist beach on the island, with a length of 600 metres. Perhaps this, together with its excellent natural characteristics, has made it one of the most popular beaches on the island.

However, being a nudist should not mean missing out on some of the best beaches and coves in Menorca, so we recommend you also visit some of them, such as Cala Macarella, Cala Mitjana or Cala Galdana.

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