Nudist beaches in guipuzcoa

There are many reasons to visit Guipúzcoa, such as its gastronomy or the beauty of a city of the stature of San Sebastián. However, nudism enthusiasts also appreciate the fact that there are beautiful nudist beaches, such as the ones mentioned in this article. They are jewels of nature that have not been altered by man, places where it is very easy to disconnect.

Aitzuri Beach

playa-de-AitzuriIt is quite isolated from urban centres and is not easy to reach. However, it is well worth enjoying its 1,600 metres in length, where you will have no problems to place your towel because the average width is 35 metres. There are usually few people because the wind blows hard and the waves are usually strong. There is no lifeguard and no showers.

Zurriola Beach

Playa-de-La-ZurriolaThis beach is much more popular and accessible. In fact, unlike Aitzuri, where you have to walk on stones, there is golden sand at La Zurriola. There are also showers and lifeguards, and its length and width are sufficiently generous that the high level of occupation in the summer months is not a problem. It is windy and has strong waves, which is why it is frequented by surfers.

Los Frailes beach

Playa-de-Los-FrailesIt is located in Hondarribia, a few kilometres from the coast of France, on the eastern shore of Cape Higer. Naturism is common, and it is also quite common to see people snorkelling. Although it is far from the town, there is a car park close by. There is also a campsite and a restaurant a few metres away, although there are no lifeguards or showers and it is a rather small beach (60 metres long and 30 metres wide).

Zarautz Beach

Playa-de-ZarautzA town as beautiful as Zarautz also offers you the chance to enjoy a swim without a bikini or swimming costume. The nudist area is at the end of the beach, and to tell the truth, there are not many people practising nudism. What there are, however, are surfers, as it is one of the best beaches in Spain for surfing. From 1 June to 30 September you will have to pay to park nearby. It is 2,500 metres long and 80 metres wide.

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