Nudist beaches in benidorm

Calas de Ti Ximo1
One more day, we want to lend a hand to all naturism fans, who sometimes have a bit of a hard time finding beaches where nudism is accepted. Today we are going to focus on Benidorm, so if you live in the area or are planning to spend a few days there this summer, you won’t be able to miss any of what we are going to tell you below.

The first thing you should bear in mind is that there are no nudist beaches in Benidorm as such, although naturism can be practised in some places in and around the town. We’ll tell you about some of them below!

Racó del Conill Beach

Raco del ConillFirst of all, we would like to talk about Racó del Conill beach, which is located in the northern part of Villajoyosa. Formed by pebbles and surrounded by cliffs, this small cove is really beautiful, although its access is a bit difficult, something that many nudists will be grateful for, as it is not very popular.

Coves of Ti Ximo

Calas de Ti XimoWe continue our tour of Benidorm’s nudist beaches in the Rincón de Loix, where we find the Calas de Ti Ximo, which are characterised by being surrounded by steep cliffs. With fine sand and pebbles, it offers crystal clear waters and rocky bottoms with a rich marine life, making it an ideal place for snorkelling. Despite its small size, it has plenty of services.

Mallaeta cove

Cala MallaetaWe return to Villajoyosa to tell you about Cala Mallaeta, a small beach that is also surrounded by beautiful cliffs. In fact, for many it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the town. Here, however, you will not find any kind of service. Nearby is Cala Fonda, where nudism is also common.

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