Nudist beaches in almeria

Cala Monsul
As we have already mentioned on more than one occasion, Almería has beaches of spectacular beauty. The good thing is that there are sandy beaches and coves of all kinds, including numerous areas where nudism can be practised. In fact, naturism is quite widespread along the Almeria coastline.

Today on this website we want to tell you about some of the beaches where nudism is authorised and others where, although it is not expressly authorised, it is accepted. Would you like to join us?

Beaches of Vera

Vera is one of the corners of Almería where nudism is most widespread. In fact, many naturists choose this place to develop their philosophy of life. Naturism is mainly practised in El Playazo, which has high quality waters and exceptional surroundings. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that this is the only nudist hotel in Spain.

El Playazo

Cabo de Gata

To talk about nudism in Almeria is also to talk about the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve, a beautiful natural area full of coves and spectacular beaches where nudism has been practised for decades. The beaches of Los Genoveses, Cala Monsul and Playa de los Muertos stand out, although any corner of this natural park is good for practising naturism.

Other nudist beaches

In addition to El Playazo and the beaches of Cabo de Gata that we have just mentioned, in Almería you can find many other beaches where nudism can be practised. And although some of them have been expressly authorised for this purpose, others are simply places where naturism is traditionally accepted. These include Granatillas or El Sombrerico in Mojácar; Las Salinas de Cerrillos or El Sabinar in Roquetas, and Playa Entinas in El Ejido.

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