Nudist beaches of bizkaia

Spain is one of the best options for enjoying your beach days as you like, even if you want to sunbathe or take a dip as God brought you into the world.

So now you know, if you are a nudist or naturist, take note of what we are telling you, because these are some of the most popular nudist beaches in Bizkaia, in the Basque Country.
These are the following:

– Barinatxe: Also known as ‘La Salvaje’, this beach is ideal for a full day of sun and beach thanks to its excellent natural conditions (fine golden sand and very clean waters – quite choppy), its beautiful surroundings of high cliffs and green vegetation and its basic services (WC, parking, showers, etc.).

– Barrika: This is a 600-metre long rural beach in the municipality of the same name. It is surrounded by cliffs, has a combination of pebbles and sand and has really good natural conditions and services.

– Lapatza Cove in Ea: It is located next to the port, so as well as having nearby walking areas, it has all the facilities and services you can imagine both on the beach and nearby.

– Gorrondatxe (Azkorri): This is the one with the worst access, but you will really see that it is worth it when you contemplate the beautiful landscape of beautiful dunes, dark and fine sand or wild cliffs… It also has all the facilities for your comfort.

– Meñakoz: An isolated beach to relax and disconnect located in Barrika. Mainly composed of stone and surrounded by imposing cliffs of green vegetation, this beach is ideal for nudists as well as surfers.

– Ogella-Ogeia: This is a beautiful and curious beach where, in addition to a pebble and sandy ground, you will find the phenomenon known as flysch, which is the combination of various materials such as clay, limestone rocks or sandstone on its surface. In addition to nudists, it is also very popular with surfers.

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