Nudist beaches in asturias

Lovers of nudism have many places in Spain to practice it. Today we are going to discover some of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Asturias, a region where you can eat wonderfully, discover towns and villages full of charm and enjoy its beaches while leaving your swimming costume at home.

Mexota Beach

It is 200 metres long and is characterised by an islet that separates the water in two. The cliffs flank this place where it is possible to go into crystalline waters, sunbathe or walk along its white sand. You can reach it on foot from Serantes or from Villamil. It is not usually very crowded.

Torimbia Beach

It is considered the benchmark beach for nudism in Asturias. It is in Niembro and the cliffs are also part of its natural landscape. It is shell-shaped and 500 kilometres long. You can get to this beach from a road that leaves Niembro, passes through Toranda and climbs up to Cape Prieto. You will go down to the sand along a track that has been prepared for this purpose or along the paths that lead to the easternmost part of the beach.


Otur Beach

This beach is five kilometres from Luarca and has access for vehicles and services of all kinds during the summer season. It is a mixed beach, and nudism is practised mainly in the coves on the western side.

Ballota Beach

It is located in Llanes and offers a very beautiful natural landscape together with the Castro islet. It is also mixed and has a length of about 350 metres. The environment is characterised by the vegetation that surrounds this beach, which is easily accessible by car.

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