Beaches of pontevedra in galicia

Enjoying your summer on one of the coasts of northern Spain means choosing a different type of holiday to the traditional sun and sand holidays, and although in regions such as Galicia you will find beautiful coasts, bathing in the Atlantic waters is probably not as pleasant…

We have already told you about its magnificent beaches and today we would like to focus specifically on those in the province of Pontevedra, so if you are interested, don’t miss out on what we have to tell you.
Here is a summary of each of the areas that make up the province so that you can establish your own route through the area.

– Sanxenxo: Most of its beaches have the Blue Flag awarded by the European Union to the best beaches, but even those that do not have it deserve such recognition. Urban, semi-isolated or isolated, most of them are made up of beautiful white sandy beaches bathed by very clean waters that, nevertheless, can range from the calmest to the windiest (with a perfect swell for surfing). Bascuas, Montalbo, Canelas, Areas, Portonovo, Foxos and Caneliñas are just some of them.

– Vigo: The characteristics of the beaches are very similar to those of Sanxenxo, except that in this case we find more coastlines classified as rustic. The magnificent beach of Rodas, Figueiras, San Martiño, O Vao and the nudist beaches of La Sirenita and A Noia complete its coastline.

– O Grove: A Lanzada, Castiñeira, Carreiro, Area de Cruz, Pateiro… If any of them don’t ring a bell, start doing so because their natural characteristics make them worth a visit. If you practise nudism, head for Sobre do Pozo.

– Cangas: Most of the beaches in this famous town are rustic, with beautiful clear sand and cool Atlantic waters. Melide, Barra, Area Brava, Negra or Arnelas are just some of them.

– Villagarcía de Arosa: La Concha de Compostela and Canela beach are ideal if you are looking for urban beaches where you can combine the best of nature with the best of the city.

Other areas worth visiting are Bueu (Tulla beach, Mourisca, Porto Mayor, Pescadoira, etc.), Nigran (Patos, America, Pauxon…), Marín, Poyo or Bayona, for example.

In addition to the beaches of its coastline, Pontevedra is an excellent starting point for visiting some of the beautiful Cíes Islands, the archipelago of the Ons Islands, Sálvora or Cortegada, for example.

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