Beaches of liencres a paradise in cantabria

That Cantabria has stunning beaches is no secret to anyone. It is well known that the Cantabrian coastline is incredibly beautiful, one of the most spectacular in Spain.

And among all the marvellous beaches along the coast of Cantabria, there is one that has always seemed special to me, and that is Liencres. Actually, there are two beaches that make it up: Valdearenas and Canavalle. Without a doubt, a paradise on earth.

Impressive landscapes

The Liencres Dunes Nature Reserve is located in the municipality of Piélagos, 15 km. from Santander, more or less in the centre of the Cantabrian coast. Visiting it is a real pleasure, especially for the eyes, such is the beauty of its landscapes.

No less than 195 hectares of land where you will find some coves and the two beautiful beaches I mentioned before, as well as a large expanse of dunes and maritime pine forests.

This beautiful corner of the Spanish geography, declared a Natural Park in 1986, offers you the chance to enjoy its long beaches of golden sand and strong waves. Nervous beaches, perfect for lovers of the Cantabrian Sea in its purest essence.

Valdearenas and Canallave

The beaches of Liencres have many loyal beach lovers who come year after year to enjoy them to the full. In addition to their incredible beauty, you will find in them a natural environment that invites you to fully enjoy the sun and the sea.

Valdearenas is a long and windy beach, about three kilometres long, while Canallave is shorter (about 220 metres long) and faces northwest. If you like surfing, this is the beach for you. Here you will find the ideal conditions for this sport, thanks to its short but intense waves.

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