Beaches of the island of ons in galicia

Despite their cold waters, the truth is that the beaches of northern Spain are some of the most beautiful on the entire peninsula. This is the case of Galicia, which has true treasures to be discovered not only on the mainland but also on many of the surrounding islands.

This is the case of the island of Ons… Have you ever heard of it? Well, don’t miss it, because your holidays in Pontevedra could be very interesting this year!
Together with Onzeta and other smaller ones, this island forms the well-known archipelago of the Ons, which belongs to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia; the Cíes Islands, the archipelago of Sálvora and that of Cortegada are also part of it.

Beyond its location, what brought us to talk about this island today were its beautiful beaches:

– Area dos Cans: This is the largest and most popular beach on the island, which is not surprising considering its incredible natural features where the fine white sand, crystal clear waters and the very green and traditional nature of the peninsula are capable of hypnotising anyone. Moreover, its rich seabed makes it ideal for scuba diving or snorkelling.

Area dos Cans– Melide: It is a nudist beach with excellent natural characteristics, with small golden sand dunes and an isolated environment that makes it ideal for relaxing and disconnecting. Its access, however, can be somewhat difficult.

– Fontiñas: This golden sandy beach has a wild and rural aspect, as the very fine golden sand contrasts with the enormous cliffs and Mount Liñero, which is no less than 80 metres high.

– Liñeiro: This crescent-shaped beach has similar characteristics to the previous one, although in this case the cliffs reach a height of 100 metres.

Other magnificent beaches are those of Pereiro or Canexol, for example. To get to any of these beautiful beaches on the island you’ll have to take a boat from Bueu, Portonovo or Sanxenxo, for which you can get tickets in advance online ( at a price of between 12 and 14€.

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