Beaches of the island of la graciosa in the canary islands

The Canary Islands are undoubtedly one of the favourite sun and beach destinations for national and international tourism, and the magnificent spring weather that accompanies them almost all year round is almost irresistible.

Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote, Tenerife… We have already told you about some of the best beaches on the main Canary Islands, but what about the island of La Graciosa? Today we dedicate this article to this small island of just 29 km²… You can’t miss it!
Despite its small size, this island is the largest of the islands of the Chinijo archipelago, a group of small islands to the northwest of Lanzarote (to which it actually belongs administratively).

It is also volcanic in origin, but unlike other Canary Island coasts, the beaches of La Graciosa are usually covered in fine white sand. Without further ado, here are some of its most beautiful beaches:

– La Laja: This beautiful beach of fine golden sand and turquoise waters is located in Caleta de Sebo, one of the two main urban centres of the island and its capital. In addition to its spectacular natural features, the beach is surrounded by a promenade that provides all kinds of services for tourists.

– Las Conchas: It shares the excellent conditions of the previous beach, but this 310-metre-long beach also offers spectacular views and a rustic setting ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

– El Salado: An extensive white sandy beach almost two kilometres long in a secluded setting that is only accessible on foot. However, it has some services such as showers, toilets and even a campsite.

– La Francesa: In this cove the volcanic origin of the island is much more palpable, although it still maintains some of the fine white sand of the previous ones. It is 435 metres long.

– La Cocina: You can only reach this quiet beach of golden sand and very clean waters on foot, although it is definitely worth a small effort to enjoy its natural features and relaxing atmosphere.

Other magnificent beaches in the area are Lambra and Caleta de Arriba.

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