Beaches of la gomera canary islands

If this year you have decided to visit a sun and beach destination different from the usual Mediterranean landscapes of green vegetation, fine golden sand and crystalline waters, you can now set course for your next destination: The island of La Gomera, one of the little sisters of the Canary Islands archipelago.

Although they do not skimp on beauty and care, the truth is that the beaches of the island are characterised more by that rustic and abrupt aspect that gives them the surroundings of high rocky cliffs with little vegetation and the usual dark sand (or gravel and stones) that abounds in many of its beaches.
NudistsThe truth is that La Gomera is a good destination for nudists, as it has a good variety of beaches that are recognised as such. Some of the most popular are the beaches of La Arena, Argaga, El Medio, La Guancha, El Cabrito, La Roja, El Guincho, Suárez or Chinguarime, and they are generally rustic beaches with little urbanisation.

This does not mean, however, that some of these beaches cannot also be visited by more modest people who prefer to keep their bodies private in their swimming costumes.
UrbanasThis small island is not exactly one of the busiest or most visited in the archipelago, so the urban areas are fairly concentrated in a few spots.

San Sebastián beach is one of the most urbanised beaches on La Gomera, with the best facilities and services on the island. You will also find beaches that are minimally prepared for tourism on the coasts of Alojera, Santiago and La Cueva, for example.

Virgin or IsolatedThese are the most common on the island, sparsely populated and not too much exploited by tourism at the moment. Among its most isolated and rugged natural landscapes you can find beaches such as La Cantera, La Negra, Arguamul, Águila, El Trigo or La Rajita, for example.

If you have visited some of the island’s beaches, tell us about your experience – it may be of great help to other travellers!

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