Beaches of el hierro in the canary islands

The Canary Islands are one of Spain’s most prized treasures, and for the average tourist they offer a magnificent opportunity to enjoy the beach and good weather at any time of the year.

We have already told you about some of the best beaches on the larger Canary Islands (Tenerife and Gran Canaria), and today we want to help those of you who choose the small island of Hierro. The truth is that the island does not stand out for its spectacular or paradisiacal conditions, as its volcanic origin makes it a somewhat rough and rustic place; however, it must have something special to have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (2000).

– Arenas Blancas: Although it is true that this beach does have white sand, the reality is very different from what you might expect… More than a paradisiacal beach, Arenas Blancas has a rustic environment where the stones and volcanic sand take centre stage in the landscape.

– El Verodal: Undoubtedly the best beach on the island, as everyone who comes here says. Its surroundings of high cliffs and its long stretch of very dark fine sand make this beach a landscape worthy of admiration.

– El Tamaduste: A good place to go with the family as the surroundings are peaceful and the bathing area is considered safe.

– La Caleta: A beach with a calm yet active atmosphere. After a day at the beach in its very clean waters, there is nothing better than a shower and a stroll along the small avenue.

– Las Playas: Another one worth visiting. It is a rustic beach surrounded by towering mountains; it is ideal for a quiet day at the beach although it can be a little uncomfortable due to the stony ground that characterises it. At one end of the beach is the charming Parador de El Hierro.

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