Playa del ingles a nice nudist beach in la gomera

Playa del Ingles La Gomera
Now that summer is approaching, we are all dreaming of the long-awaited holidays. That’s why today we want to suggest a place where you can enjoy them to the full. We are referring to La Gomera, a Canary Island where you can jump from one landscape to another completely different one at the same time as you feel how its exuberant nature envelops you.

One of the places you must visit if you are lucky enough to travel to La Gomera is Playa del Inglés, a nudist beach located in the municipality of Valle Gran Rey. Would you like to discover it? Then come with us!

A secluded and rustic spot

Playa del Inglés beach, which stretches for 300 metres in the Valle Gran Rey and has an average width of 80 metres, is located in a secluded spot of rustic character. Nudism is very common here. In fact, since the 1970s this place has been a legend for the alternative movement. Of course, if you want to wear a swimming costume, you won’t have any problems.

Playa del Ingles La Gomera1

A path that is worth it

Although it is an unspoilt beach, it is very close to restaurants, leisure facilities and flats. Of course, to get to the sand you will have to walk for quite a while. The good thing is that the walk is worth it, as it offers beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean. Once you reach the beach, you will find calm waters, although at certain times the sea can be dangerous because of the waves.

Unique sunsets

Before we say goodbye, we would like to mention that in Playa del Inglés you will be able to enjoy some unique sunsets. Here we leave you with our gallery, where you will find more images of this beautiful beach in La Gomera. Don’t miss it!

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