Pantin beach one of the most beautiful beaches in galicia

Plata de Pantin Galicia
Many people believe that Galicia is home to the best beaches in Spain, and the truth is that they are right.

With some 1,500 kilometres of coastline and more than 130 blue flag beaches, this autonomous region offers spectacular spots such as Pantín beach, considered to be one of the best surfing spots in Galicia. Would you like to know more about this beautiful place? Then stay tuned to what we have to tell you below!

A perfect beach for surfing

Pantín beach is the third largest beach in the council of Valdoviño, which is located in A Coruña. However, what has made it one of the most popular beaches in the area is not its length, but its surfing qualities. In fact, one of the qualifying events for the world surfing championships has been held here since 1988.

Plata de Pantin Galicia1

Wind and strong waves

With fine white sand, Pantín beach is open sea and usually has strong waves and a lot of wind. However, these elements will only add to its beauty. However, you should be very careful when bathing, as the currents can be dangerous. You should also be aware that its waters are quite cold.

A blue flag beach

Pantín is one of the Galician beaches that this year has achieved the coveted blue flag, and it has done so, among other things, thanks to the fact that it has facilities prepared for bathing. It is also very important to bear in mind that it has access for people with reduced mobility. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this beautiful Galician beach. Don’t miss it!

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