Los pocillos beach in lanzarote

Playa de los Pocillos1
Have you ever visited Lanzarote? If you have had the pleasure, you will know that it is a wild, volcanic island that is the ideal destination to disconnect from routine. Due to its small surface area (just over 800 km2), distances are short and places of interest are always close at hand. In fact, the two furthest points of the territory are separated by 71 kilometres.

If you are a windsurfing and water sports enthusiast, you can’t miss Los Pocillos beach, which we’ll show you below!

A beach full of services

Pocillo is a wide but not very long beach of golden sand which is not usually very crowded. The sun lounger areas are protected by nets that stop the sand from blowing up in case of wind. In addition to sun loungers, the beach has other services such as showers, public toilets, a walkway, a solarium or the availability of an amphibious chair for those who want to enjoy the sea despite having reduced mobility.

Playa de los Pocillos2

Exclusive marshes

One of the things that makes this beach special is that, with the big tides, it is covered by a small layer of salt water giving rise to a unique marshland. This phenomenon is especially seen during the month of September, when the so-called “pine tides” flood the beach.

Playa de los Pocillos3

Ideal for sports lovers

Moreover, this beach is perfect for sports lovers, as you can practice all kinds of sporting activities, such as playing football or rugby. However, the most popular sport is windsurfing, as the conditions are perfect for it.

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