Lake louro beach in a coruna

The beauty of the coastal landscapes of northern Spain is simply incomparable, and if we add the best beaches to the Mediterranean vegetation, we will be enjoying the best of our own home.

We recently told you about some of the best beaches in A Coruña (Galicia), and a mention of Lago Louro was simply essential. Now we want you to know more about this beautiful Galician coast, as it is really worth a stop along the way… Take a look at what we have to tell you!
Located in Muros, this beach, also known as Las Dunas, is an unspoilt environment that stretches over 1,500 metres in length to offer you the softest white sand, the cleanest waters (and also the coolest) and a simply incomparable landscape at the foot of the verdant Monte Louro.

A water obstruction that makes it difficult for the water to flow out to sea creates a small lagoon of such importance as to give its name to the whole coast.

Lago Louro is a place to forget about stress and problems and to disconnect, a place to reconnect with nature and also with oneself. This is possible thanks to the certain isolation that characterises it, which makes the area usually uncrowded and makes it an excellent naturist destination as well.

Despite all of the above, we could mention a small downside to the beach, and that is that Lago Louros is not exactly the safest of the coast because of its contact with the Atlantic. However, you can rest assured that during the summer months the security and lifeguard services are in full operation.

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