Beach of berellin a corner of turquoise waters in cantabria

We start the week in one of the most beautiful autonomous communities of our country. We are referring to Cantabria, which offers nature in its purest state, exquisite gastronomy, prehistoric caves such as Altamira, beautiful villages and numerous monuments. Mention must be made of its beaches, which amaze everyone who visits them.

Today on this website we would like to tell you about one of the most beautiful beaches in this corner of northern Spain. We are talking about Berellín Beach, also known as Barnejo Beach or Prellezo Beach. Would you like to discover it with us? Then come and join us!

Karstic formations and turquoise waters

Berellín beach is located on the western coast of Cantabria. Specifically, it is located very close to Prellezo. If there is one thing it stands out for, it is its natural beauty. However, what is most striking about the place are its striking karst formations, as well as its beautiful turquoise waters.


A practically virgin beach

Composed of fine, white sand, the beach has no facilities of any kind, except for a car park in the immediate vicinity. In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that a few years ago the only building in the area was removed and replaced by a viewpoint. We can therefore speak of a practically unspoilt sandy area.

Beware of currents and waves

It is important to note that during the summer weekends the beach is usually very busy, although during the week it is not very crowded. Finally, we would like to warn you that the currents and waves on the beach can be dangerous, so you should swim with caution. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this beach in Cantabria, so don’t miss it!

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