Meron a beach with dinosaur footprints in cantabria

Playa Meron Cantabria
If you are lucky enough to live in Cantabria or if you happen to be in the area during these days, we recommend that you take the opportunity to contemplate its magnificent coastline. Towns such as Comillas and Laredo offer truly spectacular beaches.

Today, for example, we would like to introduce you to Merón beach, a paradise for surfers located in the beautiful town of San Vicente de la Barquera. Would you like to get to know this beautiful Cantabrian spot in more depth? Then don’t miss out on what we’re going to tell you next!

Ideal for resting and surfing

As well as being an ideal place for surfers, Merón beach is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings while strolling along the shore. However, you should bear in mind that it is a rather windy area and that its waters are usually rough, so bathing is not very safe.

Playa Meron Cantabria1

Jurassic deposits

Made up of white sand and gravel, Merón beach is shaped like a shell. It should also be noted that here you can see Jurassic sites, such as the hand and footprints of a quadruped dinosaur or tridactyl footprints belonging to biped dinosaurs. As you can imagine, some parts of these footprints have been erased due to the passage of time.

The most useful services

Also known as Playa del Sable de Merón, this semi-urban beach is the longest in San Vicente de la Barquera. In fact, it is divided into different stretches (El Rosal, Bederna, el Puntal…). One of the great advantages of this place is that it has different services: beach bars, lifeguard and lifeguard service in summer, access for the disabled, showers, ample parking…

Here we leave you with our gallery, where you will discover more images of the Merón beach. Don’t miss it!

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