Menakoz one of the best nudist beaches in spain

Bizkaia is not only a wonderful place for its famous gastronomy or for the beauty of cities such as Bilbao. It is also worth visiting the province to enjoy its beaches, some of which are particularly striking because of how far they seem to be from the big city.

One of those beaches capable of completely relaxing you is Meñakoz, where nudism is allowed and is usually a common practice.

It has many services

As unspoilt as it may seem, there is a bus that leaves you very close to the area. In fact, you can even go by car or motorbike with complete peace of mind, as there is an unguarded parking area with just under 50 spaces. There are also litter bins, cleaning service, bars and a beach bar near the beach so you can quench your thirst (it has very nice views).

All this in the municipality of Sopela, in the north of the Basque Country. The beach is 270 metres long and 60 metres wide at low tide (30 metres at high tide). There are usually very few people and there is no promenade, so it is a place to disconnect, to switch off your mobile phone and enjoy a novel while listening to the sound of the sea waves.


Ideal for surfing

As you can see in the pictures, it is not a beach full of sand, but rather it is the stones that take most of the limelight. Moreover, it is not only frequented by people who want to practise nudism, but it is also common to see people entering the sea at Meñakoz with the aim of surfing.

If you are tired of lying on the beach and want to soak up the natural beauty of the area, the best thing to do is to walk along its cliffs full of vegetation. They are a spectacle to behold.

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