Best dog friendly beaches in barcelona

Are you one of those who think twice about going to the beach because you don’t like to leave your dog at home? Don’t worry! There are beaches that allow our furry friends to visit, so you can enjoy a relaxing day out without having to leave your pet at home.

In Barcelona there are beaches that are ideal for our dog to run around on the sand without fear of being fined. The most beautiful, in my opinion, are the ones mentioned below, although I’m sure there will be more and better ones in the coming years.

Llevant Beach (Barcelona)

It is a beach located right next to the Nova Mar Bella, on the Barcelona coastline. It is approximately 375 metres long and some 1,500 square metres have been made available for access with pets. Barcelona City Council has increased the cleaning services in the area and has extended the functions of the informers, who, among other things, must explain to bathers the regulations in force since the summer of 2016. There are time restrictions on weekends from April to October.

Find out more about Barcelona’s first dog-friendly beach.


El Cavaió beach (Arenys de Mar)

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, you can always go to more distant municipalities, such as Arenys de Mar. At El Cavaió beach you can take your dog with you all year round, although it is true that there are some restrictions during the summer months (from June to mid-September you can only go from 6am to 8am). It is 1,000 metres long by 60 metres wide and has coarse golden sand, making it an ideal place to go with dogs.

La Musclera cove (Arenys de Mar)

It is a beach where nudism is also practised. Dogs, which are also nudists by nature, can enjoy this beach as long as they are leashed and the rules of cleanliness are respected. It should also be noted that the same applies to Es Cavaió beach, which does not allow access with dogs between 1 June and 16 September, unless they enter between 6 and 8 am.


Vallcarca cove (Sitges)

Sitges is not only a gay-friendly town, it is also pet-friendly. They prove it with Cala Vallcarca, a small cove located on the border with Castelldefels that you can visit without any problems during the summer months, as there are no time restrictions. This is an advantage, as is the fact that right next to it there is a forest through which you can stroll and enjoy magnificent views of the coastline of the Costa del Garraf. And don’t forget that Sitges is a beautiful fishing village that is well worth a visit.

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