Best nudist beaches in the north of spain

Enjoying the beach as you came into the world is a very common practice in our country, and more and more people are joining the nudist or naturist movement.

In Spain there are a large number of nudist beaches scattered all along the coastline of the peninsula, from the saltiest in the south to the most reserved and rustic in the north. It is precisely these that we wanted to talk to you about today, so don’t miss out on what we have to tell you!
Here are some of the best beaches in Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and the Basque Country:

– Torimbia, Asturias: Mountains, green nature, golden sand… This beach in the council of Llanes has a spectacular landscape on a beach of more than 500 metres in length where nudists and swimmers coexist in harmony.

– Barra beach, Galicia: This beach in Pontevedra is a completely isolated place that you can only reach after a long walk, as it is located at the end of the Morrazo peninsula. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort to enjoy its fine golden sand, its clean waters and an environment that will take you away from the outside world to provide you with an ideal place to relax.

– Cala de Covachos, Cantabria: This is a small, very isolated beach accessible on foot (it is the only option) where you will find a magnificent landscape of golden sand, crystalline waters and rocky cliffs and small mountains protecting the surroundings. It is located in Soto de la Marina.

– Barrika, Basque Country: A beautiful beach ideal for spending the day, as well as a landscape worth enjoying, it has a magnificent picnic area in the surrounding area and a beach bar.

You can find more nudist beaches by autonomous community by entering their name in our search engine… A lot of beaches are waiting for you!

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