Best beaches in galicia

If you are planning your next holiday and are looking for a place that offers culture, beautiful landscapes, good atmosphere and beaches where you can simply relax and enjoy yourself, Galicia has to be your next destination.

Although we could tell you about the thousand and one qualities of this autonomous region and recommend a lot of places to go, on this website we will obviously only focus on some of the best beaches along the coast so that you can set up your own route around the area… Don’t miss them!
– Rodas, Cíes Islands: We have told you about this island many, many times, and it is the Spanish beach that managed to take first place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world according to The Guardian. It’s not surprising, and despite the fact that its waters belong to the cold Atlantic, the landscape of the Cíes Islands could be mistaken for any idyllic Caribbean destination.

– As Catedrais: Fine golden sand bathed by cool Cantabrian waters in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole country, as the rocky cliffs with arches that form on this abrupt coastline give it a mysterious and enchanting aspect.

– Carnota: It has also been chosen as one of the 100 best according to the German magazine “Traum Strände”, which also published a special under the title ‘Galicia: Garden of Eden in Spain’. It is a very long coastline of 8 kilometres where you can enjoy relaxing on the sand or practising water sports such as windsurfing.

– Barra Beach: It is one of the closest beaches to the Cíes Islands and therefore shares its beautiful crystal clear waters, soft golden sand and green vegetation that will delight those who want to spend a relaxing day at the beach.

– As Furnas: The fine dark sand and the large rocks overlooking the sea on this rustic beach give it a magical appearance that caught the attention of the producers of the Spanish film Mar Adentro (2004), who filmed some of their scenes in the area.

You can find most of the above beaches by clicking on their names or using our search engine.

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