Best coves in mallorca

Today we are going to Majorca to explore some of its best coves. These are paradisiacal settings dominated by crystal-clear waters and dreamlike landscapes, places where you feel like getting lost for a while to breathe and disconnect.

Sa Calobra

This cove is enclosed between cliffs and has been formed due to the erosion caused by the water that flows through the Sierra de Tramontana mountain range to the sea. It is a fairly secluded cove which makes it also quite quiet.

Varques Cove

Located 12 kilometres from Portocristo, you will have to walk for about 20 minutes to get to the cove, which may ensure that you won’t find a place full of tourists. It is surrounded by pine forests and speleologists love to come and explore its underwater galleries. It is one of the most natural beaches in Mallorca, it has cliffs with caves, white sand and transparent water.

Mondragó Cove

This cove is located in the Natural Park of the same name, along with other adjacent coves such as Es Borguit and Sa Amador. It is surrounded by pine trees and rocks, with shallow waters and fine sand, and has fairly easy access.


D’Or Cove

With its turquoise blue water, this cove and the three next to it are quiet places where you can spend a nice morning or afternoon with the family.

Caló des Moro

It is one of the most beautiful and for this reason also one of the least solitary… Nevertheless, it is worth coming to this place to enjoy the water and the natural landscape. To get there you can leave your car at sa Comuna and walk about 500 metres.

Moltó Cove

It is located in a protected natural area in the east of Mallorca. It has a rocky seabed and is located in an environment in which there is hardly any intervention. It is easy to reach by road.

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