European countries with the best beaches

When we think of paradisiacal spots, we always think of Caribbean beaches with palm trees, white sand and crystal-clear waters. However, in Europe you can also find dreamy places where you can enjoy the high temperatures and the sea.

Today on this website we are going to tell you about the countries in Europe where you can find the best beaches. Are you ready? Well, here we go!


Spain is undoubtedly one of the European countries where the best beaches can be found. As well as having two incredible archipelagos (the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands), the peninsula has a fantastic coastline, where you can find amazing spots such as the Costa Brava, the Costa da Morte and the Costa del Sol.

Islas Baleares


Croatia is also full of dream beaches. In fact, this country is the ideal destination for nature lovers and those who love nature and tranquillity. It has more than 5,000 kilometres of coastline if you take into account the islands, where you can find everything from beaches with all kinds of tourist services to the most hidden ones.


Nor can we forget Cyprus, a Mediterranean island that is mountainous but has many kilometres of coastline. In the eastern part you can find impressive beaches of fine sand and crystal-clear waters, while in the western part you will find the most solitary ones.


Malta is another tourist destination where you can find beautiful beaches, beyond the larger and more crowded ones.



Finally, we would like to talk about Greece, which has around 6,000 islands. Yes! Yes! You read that right! Of these, just over 100 are inhabited. Its climate and calm waters have made this European country an ideal destination for beach tourism.

Which of these countries would you choose for your next holiday?

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