The three best beaches in the south of menorca

Fortunately, those of us who live in Spain do not need to travel far to enjoy paradisiacal beaches. For example, those of us on the mainland have the Balearic Islands just a stone’s throw away, an archipelago that hides some of the best sandy beaches in the whole of Spain.

We have to admit that our favourite Balearic island is Minorca, the first place in Spain to see the sunrise and one of the best destinations in the country to see the sunset. Here you can find beautiful coves and beaches in every corner of the island, but the truth is that many agree that the best ones are in the south. Although we have had a hard time deciding, today on this website we have selected three beaches in the south of Menorca that you cannot miss. Will you join us?

Macarelleta Cove

MacarelletaFirst of all, we would like to talk about Cala Macarelleta, which is located in the same bay as Cala Macarella. Frequented by nudists, this beach offers fine white sand and turquoise blue waters. The only downside is that in high season it is always crowded, so it is difficult to find a place to spread out your towel.

Turqueta Cove

Cala-TurquetaAnother beach in the south of Minorca that you cannot miss is Cala Turqueta, characterised by its blue waters with a white sandy bottom. Divided into two parts by low rocks, it is also visited by many tourists. Therefore, in order to find a spot in the car park and on the sand, we recommend you go as early as possible.

Mitjana Cove

Cala-MitjanaFinally, we would like to talk about Cala Mitjana, a small virgin cove located very close to Cala Galdana. It is located between two limestone cliffs. To the right is Cala Mitjaneta, an even smaller beach. In fact, it does not always have sand.

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