The secret beauty of niembro

To find a beach that few people know about, except for those who live in the surrounding area, that seems to be made just for us, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and places full of charm… This is something that nowadays seems utopian. But it is still possible to be surprised, and very much so, far from the sandy beaches that everyone knows, with beaches as incredible as those found near the beautiful Asturian town of Niembro.

Belonging to the Council of Llanes, the beaches of Torimbia and Toranda are considered to be among the most beautiful in Asturias. And of course, it is not surprising…

A mountain that separates two beaches

Torimbia beach, the largest of the two, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cantabrian Sea. A small hill that rises above the coast, and which can be reached by a walk full of natural charm, will place us in a spot that allows us to paraphrase Espronceda’s famous Pirate’s Song: Torimbia on one side, Toranda on the other… It is a place where it is a must to take your camera and immortalise the white sandy surfaces contrasting with the brave Cantabrian Sea. And perhaps admire the evolutions of a paraglider who enjoys the freedom of flying over an incredible spot.

The underwater cemetery

If the beaches are magnificent, what can we say about Niembro? It looks like a village straight out of a fairy tale. It is reached by a relatively hidden road, and at its end we find an unforgettable sight: the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, facing the marshes. When the tide comes in, the cemetery at its feet is flooded and the image of the church reflected on the silver sheet is breathtaking. Behind Niembro, the Sierra de Cuera mountain range embraces and protects the small village, offering a thousand and one entertainment possibilities for hiking enthusiasts.

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