The most recommended beaches in alicante

Did you know that Alicante is one of the Spanish provinces with the highest number of blue flags? Yes! Yes! Just as you are reading it! So, if you are looking for a destination with quality beaches, this province could be a fantastic choice.

With more than 218 kilometres of transparent and calm waters, Alicante offers sandy beaches for all tastes. Choosing the best ones is a very complicated task, but today we’re going to recommend four that are really worth it. Would you like to join us? We assure you that you won’t regret it!


Granadella1First of all, we would like to talk about La Granadella, an unspoilt and isolated gravel beach located in the municipality of the same name, in Jávea. It is important to bear in mind that this is one of the best beaches in Spain for scuba diving and snorkelling thanks to the beauty of its seabed. You can also go water skiing or enjoy kayaking or canoeing.

L’Esparrelló and La Caleta

VillajoyosaIn Villajoyosa you can enjoy the beaches of l’Esparrelló and La Caleta, which are located in a beautiful area of cliffs. The former is small and pebbly, while La Caleta is somewhat wider and more accessible. Its crystal-clear waters are outstanding. You should also know that you can find different services.

The Carabassí

El-CarabassiEl Carabassí, which is located under the mountain range of the same name, could not be missing from the list. With fine golden sand, this beach combines dunes with pine groves of great environmental value. You should also know that it has plenty of parking space for vehicles, connected to the shore by walkways.

Levante Beach

Playa-de-LevanteFinally, we would like to tell you about Levante Beach, one of the liveliest beaches on the coast of Alicante. However, we only recommend it to those who don’t mind being surrounded by lots of people, tall buildings and entertainment at any time of the day.

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