The beaches of el vendrell

Have you heard that from 1 January you will be able to celebrate your wedding on the beach in El Vendrell for 1,000 euros? The Town Council of the capital of Baix Penedés has approved the creation of a new tax that will be included in the 2013 tax ordinances.

If you are interested in being able to celebrate the happiest day of your life on the beach without the need to hire a restaurant or a hotel with what is known as a “private beach”, this could be a great option. However, first you will have to get to know what the beaches of this town in Tarragona are like, don’t you think?

More than just a wine-growing region

Despite being known for its wines, the Penedès region is also a very worthwhile beach destination, with more than seven kilometres of coastline. The beaches of El Vendrell are about three and a half kilometres from the municipality. Since 1988 the coast of El Vendrell has been awarded the Blue Flag and is often considered one of the best beaches in Catalonia. It is undoubtedly the ideal place for sunbathing and water sports.

Transparent waters

There is something we all ask from a beach and that is that it has transparent and clean water, something that is always the case in El Vendrell, something very important considering that it is in a residential area.

Coma Ruga Beach

Coma Ruga is the best known beach in El Vendrell. There you will find everything you need without having to walk too far: concerts, ice-cream parlours, a mini-fair, discotheques?

Francás Beach

If you are looking for a more family atmosphere, Francàs beach is the one for you, with a very long and fine sandy area. However, the buildings are very close to the beach.

Sant Salvador beach

The beach of Sant Salvador is semi-submerged and has very fine sand. It is the most popular and is almost two kilometres long.

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