The best surfing beaches in spain

Although until recently Spain was simply a sun and beach tourist destination for relaxation, the truth is that in recent years our country has also become one of the favourite destinations for surf lovers.

If you are one of them or if you are just starting out in this sport, don’t miss out on some of the best beaches in Spain for surfing:

Mundaka (Basque Country): Specifically, Laidatxu beach is one of the best known beaches for surfers not only in Spain but also internationally. This beach, a Biosphere Reserve, hosts several surfing championships every year, such as the ‘Billabong Pro Mundaka’.

Zarautz (Basque Country): In addition to perfect waves for surfing and plenty of equipment and specialised shops, this Basque town offers a fun surfing atmosphere both day and night.

Somo (Cantabria): This is the most outstanding of its kind on the Cantabrian coast, which by the way is considered to offer some of the best conditions for this sport. It is located in Ribamontán al Mar.

El Quemao (Lanzarote): The waves here reach up to 4 metres high, so it is especially recommended for professionals and not for amateurs.

Corralejo (Lanzarote): We recommend this beach not only for its perfect waves but also for the incredible scenery, a vast beach of soft white sand and beautiful turquoise crystal clear waters. A dream place!

Tarifa (Andalusia): Suffice it to say that this beach in Cadiz is considered by many to be the windsurfing capital of Europe… And to think that it is so close to us!

Los Caños de Meca (Andalusia): Also in Cadiz, this beach has much more constant waves than Tarifa. However, the area is not suitable for beginners in the sport as its strong currents could be too dangerous.

These are just some of the most outstanding surfing beaches in our country, but you can enjoy excellent conditions on many other Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

If you’re an expert surfer and you’ve already surfed half the country in search of the best waves, recommend other places to enjoy!

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