The best beaches in spain to have a mud bath

Taking a dip is a delight because it is the only way to get rid of the heat that lurks in the months of July and August. I am referring, of course, to water baths, the traditional ones, as there are other kinds of baths to which we resort for other purposes.

Mud or clay baths are very popular for the benefits they bring, although it must be said that not all beaches can guarantee that this natural treatment is good for your health. For example, a mud bath in S’Espalmador (Formentera) can cause infections, so it is best to abstain. Here are some beaches where you can take a mud bath without worrying about damaging your skin. Take note!

Fuente del Gallo (Conil de la Frontera)

playa-Fuente-del-GalloOn this beach in Cádiz you have to wait for low tide to soak up the mud. Of course, you have to go to the cliff area and try to get the mud that is in contact with the water of the beach, as it is the cleanest and softest, the one that will not give you any kind of problem.

Piedra Beach (Fuerteventura)

Piedra-PlayaIn the Canary Islands you can also enjoy a comforting mud bath. However, you must be careful with the waves at Piedra Playa, which are blessed by surfers. At the base of the cliffs you can find rocks that play with the mud. If you pick it up and spread it well from time to time, you will probably see results after a few months. It is said to reduce cellulite, stretch marks and acne, something you will only be able to see for yourself if you take up this kind of bath.

Las Charcas de Lo Pagán (Murcia)

Las-Charcas-de-Lo-PaganIn the Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar Regional Park, a wetland located in the northern part of the Mar Menor, we could say that there is plenty of mud to get bored of. Specifically, 14 kilometres of coastline that invite you to take a bath in mud taken from the bottom of the pond. It is dark grey in colour and has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply. It is very popular with sufferers of chronic pain and skin diseases such as psoriasis, as a two-week treatment can bring great improvements.

Beach of Aigües Blanques (Ibiza)

playa-Aigues-Blanques-IbizaOn the white island you can also treat yourself to a mud bath. How? By wetting the cliff walls of Aigües Blanques beach. It is advisable to apply the mud and let it dry in the sun for half an hour. The pores of the body are instantly nourished and to remove the mud there is nothing like a good water bath.

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