The best beaches in denia

With almost 6,000 kilometres of coastline, in Spain we have no problem finding spectacular beaches like those of Denia, which are undoubtedly among the best in the Valencian Community. That is why every year they receive thousands of tourists, many of them coming from Madrid to take advantage of the proximity.

In this article I am going to tell you about what for me are the best beaches in this Alicante city of just over 40,000 inhabitants that are worth visiting during the summer months.

Les Marines

Located to the north, we could say that the beach of Les Marines is perfect for enjoying a peaceful day with the family, as unlike other beaches on the northern part of the coast of Denia, the wind does not usually make an appearance. It boasts the famous Blue Flag, which certifies the cleanliness of its waters. Also, no less remarkable are the views it offers of the city’s castle or the beautiful sunsets contemplated on its golden sand.

Les-Marines-DeniaPhoto: Viquipèdia

The Trampolí

The fact that it is a rocky beach allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of other beaches where it is difficult to lay your towel in July and August. At El Trampolí, located in the area of Les Rotes, bathers come for several reasons, one of them being the trampoline placed on one of the rocks. It has a length of around 1,050 metres and offers many possibilities when it comes to eating, as there are restaurants in the area that serve top quality rice dishes.


Punta Negra

This beach is also in the area of Les Rotes, so it is characterised by being rocky. It is usually quite crowded in summer because of its attractiveness, which is partly due to the black colour of the rocks that serve to baptize it. We are talking about a kilometre and a half of ideal extension to relax and enjoy the cleanliness of its waters. However, if you want to go scuba diving, you will have to contact the Territorial Directorate of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Water of Alicante, as it is essential to ask for permission to do so. You can call 963 866 000 to get the go-ahead.

Punta-Negra-DeniaPhoto: Booking

El Raset

It is another of Denia’s beaches that in 2017 was awarded the Blue Flag that we like to see so much. It is the most urban of them all, despite having an extension that is nothing to write home about. We are talking about 570 metres long and 75 metres wide. It is perfect for families, as children can have fun playing football or beach volleyball. It is easily accessible and there are restaurants close by. The sand is striking for being somewhat coarse and reddish in colour.

playa-El-Raset-DeniaPhoto: Dénia es Vida

Els Molins

Located in the area of Les Marines, this beach also boasts a Blue Flag and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. It is about two kilometres long and has everything you would expect to find on a beach: sun loungers, beach umbrellas and beach bars. Another characteristic that speaks very well of it has to do with the sunsets, as the sun sets behind the mountains of the Gulf of Valencia, which allows you to enjoy an incredible view.

playa-Els-Molins-DeniaPhoto: Booking

Les Bovetes

I couldn’t finish this list of the best beaches in Denia without mentioning Les Bovetes, which is the one that completes the Blue Flag poker. It is in a very touristy area where there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and beach bars, so a good atmosphere is guaranteed. The beach itself is about 1,800 metres long and 80 metres wide. It is sandy and has all kinds of services, such as lifeguards and the Red Cross.

playa-Les-Bovetes-DeniaPhoto: Booking

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