The best beaches of cantabria

Cantabria is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful autonomous regions in Spain, and its incredible landscapes of lush nature and exceptional beaches are well deserving of this recognition.

In addition to everything else, its climate is perfect for a holiday that is not too hot and the waves on many of its beaches are exceptional for surfing.

In short, Cantabria is an exceptional place to enjoy a pleasant holiday during which you won’t get tired of wandering around to discover any of its nooks and crannies. To make sure you don’t miss some of its must-see spots, here are some of the best beaches along the coast:

– Berria: This is one of the best surfing coasts in Spain. Located in Santoña, this beach offers a beautiful natural environment of green vegetation and unforgettable sunsets that you cannot miss.

– Somo: This beach is one of the most curious in the whole country, as its extensive dagger-shaped sandy area curiously juts out into the sea. Its clear white sand and beautiful crystal clear waters make it an exceptional place.

– Oyambre: A completely isolated beach in the heart of the Oyambre Natural Park. Almost two kilometres long, this beach of dunes and green natural surroundings is quite crowded despite the fact that it is well protected by the surrounding nature.

– El Sardinero: It is located in the popular tourist city of Santander. Its fine golden sand and its excellent atmosphere and tourist environment (full of facilities and services) make it an ideal place for a complete holiday.

– Ris: A beach of more than two kilometres of golden sand in the town of Noja where, despite its semi-urban and crowded environment, it is also a perfect relaxing atmosphere to spend a few days off. It offers good facilities such as showers, toilets, sun lounger hire and nautical rentals.

– Oriñón: With more than a kilometre of fine golden sand, this beach in Castro Urdiales is a very popular place in the summer months… And it is not surprising, because its excellent natural conditions and the surrounding landscape are well worth it.

Other beaches worth visiting in Cantabria are Langre, La Salvé, Mataleñas, Suances, El Cabo or Los Locos beach, among many others.

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