The best beaches in asturias

The northern communities of Spain have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, combining the best features of the coast with beautiful green and dense nature.

Asturias is one of these communities, a place where you can choose from the most urban and atmospheric beaches to the most secluded and reserved for enjoying a day of relaxation.

If you are going to visit Asturias, plan a route beforehand, taking into account the best places to visit… And don’t miss some of its best beaches!
– Rodiles: This beach is located in the municipality of Villaviciosa and is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on the Asturian coast. The cool waters of the Bay of Biscay bathe a fine golden sand (almost white) that is framed by some mountains of green vegetation.

– Playa del Silencio: It is located next to a charming fishing village called Cudillero and it is one of the best beaches to relax and disconnect. Its fine white sand and turquoise waters framed by high mountains that create a crescent are responsible for it being considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

– Gulpiyuri: Located in Llanes, this is one of the most beautiful and at the same time one of the strangest beaches not only in Asturias but also in the whole of Spain. A huge rock that separates the beach from the open sea creates a kind of natural pool where bathing is a delight.

-Antromero: A curious beach if ever there was one, this beach is not made up of sand but of beautiful coloured crystals that today are very comfortable as they have been softened by the sea and the passing of time. A beach like few others you can find.

– San Lorenzo: Unlike the previous ones, San Lorenzo is an urban beach located in the popular and busy city of Gijón. If you want atmosphere, good services and a fully equipped beach, look for a hotel in the area.

Other beautiful coasts are Peñaronda, Torimbia, Borizu, Salinas or Cueva beach, for example.

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