The best coves in menorca

If you have visited Menorca you will agree with us that it is one of the best beach destinations in our country and even in the world. Although in 90% of the cases it is essential to rent a car to access them, it is absolutely worth it.

It is difficult to make a selection of the best coves on this marvellous island, but today we want to show you some of them. If you haven’t had a holiday this summer and you don’t know what your destination might be, Menorca will undoubtedly be a great option. Here is our selection of the best coves on the Balearic island, we hope you like them!
Cala Macarella and Macaralleta are two of the two most famous coves in Menorca, thanks to their clean and crystalline waters, turquoise sea and incredible white sand. They are located in a protected area and must be accessed from Ciutadella, through the San Joan de Missa road.

We cannot forget Cata Turqueta, a virgin cove with turquoise waters that, of course, has nothing to envy the Caribbean. Cala Mitjana is another place that is sure to leave you open-mouthed. It is a highly recommended place for scuba diving.

If you visit Menorca you will surely love Cala Pregonda, which stands out for its red colour and the atmosphere that surrounds it. We would also like to tell you about Es Talaier, a small unspoilt beach close to Cala Turqueta which has no services of any kind, although the contrasts in the landscape are impressive and give it a very special charm. It also has very interesting sea beds for scuba diving.

Finally, we are going to talk about Cala Galdana, one of the largest and most family-friendly beaches in Menorca, where you can do water sports. It is also perfectly equipped for those who are looking for comfort.

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