The best coves in the community of valencia

The Valencian Community is one of the favourite coastal destinations for tourists. This is due to the good climate and the great variety of coves and beaches that make up the Valencian coast.

La Granadella cove, located in the municipality of Jávea, was considered the best Valencian beach in 2012 and 2013. It is a small cove in Alicante surrounded by natural landscapes and a favourite among scuba diving enthusiasts. However, its crystal clear turquoise waters allow you to enjoy the marine ecosystems to the maximum with this sport.

On the other hand, one of the best known in the province of Castellón is the Foradada cove, which belongs to the town of Vinaroz. This charming place gets its name from a large rock that emerges from the sea and is full of holes due to the erosion of the sea and the wind. This rock is what makes this place so charming and special.

Dream villages and beaches

Vinaroz is also one of the towns where you can enjoy family tourism, both on the beaches and in its gastronomy, in which seafood stands out. Many foreigners come here every year, including French, English and Germans, among others.

The Postiguet beach is one of the favourite beaches for strolling while enjoying the summery views of the sea accompanied by the mythical palm trees that line the promenade. This place is located in the centre of the city of Alicante and is known for the traditional song that says “la manta al coll i el cabasset, mon anirem al Postiguet”.

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playa-Comunidad-ValencianaIf we continue to the south of the Valencian Community, the Moraig cove is one of the most popular in the province of Alicante. It is so crowded that the town council of El Poble Nou de Benitaxell has created a mobile application for booking by appointment in order to access its area, due to its limited capacity.

It is one of the most recommended and outstanding for the impressive rocks that surround it and for having the Cova del Arcs, a cave that can be accessed and bathed in. A magical place come true.

Next, in the city of Peñíscola, which is known for the outstanding Papa Luna’s Castle, the Moro cove is one of the most important of the place. This beach can be reached by car and, what is really interesting is that other beaches can be accessed through it. The cove of Puerto Azul, the beach of Santa Lucía, the cove of Ordil or Puerto Negro are the places where dozens of bathers go every day.

From these beaches you can see the characteristic castle and, to make the most of the day, this beach plan can be combined with a visit to the historic centre of the city, passing by the castle of Papa Luna.

Finally, the Fonda cove is another of the great jewels of the Valencian Mediterranean coast. This place is one of the most hidden beach spots and, therefore, it is accessible to very few people, as it is accessed by the N-332 and to get to the beach you have to follow a complicated path on foot along a cliffy coastline, which means that very few people want to go there. Therefore, it is known as the solitary bathing spot, due to the fact that this marvellous place is not very crowded.

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