The dunes of corralejo in fuerteventura

Although the Canary Islands are popularly known for their characteristic dark sand, the islands hide other idyllic landscapes that few of us can imagine.

As the best beaches of fine white sand in the Balearic Islands, the Corralejo Dunes (in Fuerteventura) offer an incredible coastline of more than 8,000 metres long where you can enjoy a fun and traditional sun and beach holiday: sunbathing in the sun, enjoying the gentle sea breeze, playing with your children on the soft sand of the beach or practising land or water sports, you choose!

The waters of the beach are beautiful, as clean and crystalline as those of a swimming pool but lively enough for you to enjoy fun mornings of windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Although it is actually a single coastline, the Corralejo Dunes are divided into different beaches such as El Médano, El Pozo, El Viejo, El Caserón, El Bajo Negro, Playa Larga, Los Martos, El Dormidero, El Moro, El Rosadero and Playa Alzada, some of which are often considered naturist beaches.

And in case you get tired of so many beaches or if you have simply run out of hours of sunshine, the municipality of La Oliva offers you the perfect setting for leisure, as it is very well prepared for tourism. The most urban areas are the original part of the port, around the old quay, and also in the area of Puerto Nuevo.

In the more central areas you will find a good range of services such as beach bars, restaurants, local shops and other places for entertainment.

From Corralejo you can also make excursions to other interesting destinations in the area such as the nearby islet of Lobos, which can be seen from the beach and can be reached in about 15 minutes by boat.

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