The coves of the coast of noja

On this website we have already spoken on other occasions about Noja, the coastal town in Cantabria that has some of the most beautiful beaches in our country. While in Noja you can enjoy huge stretches of sand with clean, transparent waters and sand so fine that it looks like golden flour, in the cliffs there are also charming coves with transparent waters where you can breathe in the tranquillity.

The coves form part of a route known as the Coastal Route, flanked by groves of eucalyptus and pine trees, where you can find a few surprises… Shall we walk it?

Best, out of season

Although I spoke before of “tranquillity”, the truth is that it is only possible to find it out of season, as in the warmer months Noja’s population increases exponentially. It is common to find strollers walking along the Coastal Route and sunbathing or bathing in its coves. However, my advice is to visit this beautiful place in June or September, preferably during the week, and you will find a beautiful spot where you can enjoy the Bay of Biscay at your leisure, in its kindest and most transparent sense.

Natural pools and ruins

In addition to the coves you see in the first photo (and those that appear in this spectacular video about the beaches of Noja), on the Coastal Route it is also possible to find an old abandoned nursery that at high tide creates a pool of seawater where you can have a good swim. Some abandoned buildings from the Civil War period liven up the route, which also benefits from beautiful cliffs, rocky outcrops where fishermen spend the hours and magnificent views. Specifically, on the Coastal Route there are two coves of fine sand linked together, with access by stone stairs; and another smaller one of pebbles, perfect for snorkelling.

If you’ve never been to this beautiful place, don’t hesitate to pay it a visit: you’ll appreciate it.

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