The 8 most incredible black sand beaches of the world

If yesterday we told you about white sand beaches that you were going to fall in love with, today we wanted to do the same with black sand beaches that are spectacular. I admit that they are not the ones we usually have in mind when we talk about paradisiacal beaches, but you have to give them a chance and let yourself be carried away by the speciality of a type of sand that is of volcanic origin.

As you can see in the photographs of the 8 beaches mentioned below, the contrast of the black sand with the turquoise blue of the water is a delight for the eyes.

Muriwai Beach (Auckland, New Zealand)

Muriwai-BeachWe start at the antipodes to discover Muriwai Beach, which is in New Zealand’s largest city. We are talking about a region with some 60 kilometres of coastline that is perfect for surfing. But don’t think that all the beaches there are black, because that’s not the case.

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Ajuy Beach (Fuerteventura)

playa-de-AjuySpain also has black beaches. They are concentrated in the Canary Islands and we could include more than one in this list, although I have decided to choose only Ajuy beach. It is a very special spot with very fine black sand, which is not recommended for bathing because of the danger it can cause. However, centuries ago it was a place frequented by pirates, who decided to keep their treasures here, taking advantage of its strategic location.

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Punalu’u Beach (Hawaii, United States)

Playa-de-PunaluuIt is on the southwest coast of Kau, in Hawaii. It is not only known for its black sand, but it is also famous for the vegetation that surrounds it. And tourists have an attraction that goes beyond its striking sand, which is none other than the hawkbill turtles, a species of turtle that is unfortunately in danger of extinction.

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Jeju Beach (South Korea)

playa-de-JejuYou’ve probably heard the name Jeju Island more than once. It has become popular with tourists because of its lava tubes, a sex-themed park and a resort devoted exclusively to massages. Apart from that, one of its great attractions are also the beaches, some of which are black sand in response to the volcanic activity that took place on the island millions of years ago.

Stockness Beach (Iceland)

playa-de-StocknessThere are plenty of reasons to visit Iceland, which is undoubtedly a natural paradise that remains virtually untouched thanks to the respectful nature of its inhabitants. However, don’t expect to find beaches like those of the Caribbean. At most you’ll find sandy beaches like Stockness, which, although not very recommendable for swimming due to the coldness of its waters, is a spectacle to behold.

Perissa Beach (Santorini, Greece)

playa-de-PerissaWe know that Santorini is not overly famous for its beaches. It is an island that we relate more to the typical photograph seen from above, where you can see the beautiful white houses with blue roofs and some blue windows. For many, Perissa is the best beach on the island despite its black sand, as there is hardly any wind, the water is crystal clear and there are restaurants very close by.

Wai’anapanapa Beach (Hawaii, USA)

Waianapanapa-beachI return to Hawaii to talk about Wai’anapanapa Beach, which is probably the most beautiful on this list because of the spectacular scenery that surrounds it. It’s on the second largest island in the area, which is Maui, and you can tell that there has been considerable volcanic activity there. The only bad thing is that the strong currents will make you think twice before getting into the water.

Beach of Positano (Italy)

playa-PositanoOn the incredible Amalfi Coast, south of Naples, is the beach of Positano. Its black sand will surprise you as much as the curious coloured houses you can see in the background while you swim in its waters, which although they are not the cleanest and most crystalline in the world, will provide you with a pleasant day out.

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