La victoria a beach to enjoy in the gulf of cadiz

Few places can make you spend a more fun, lively and purely summery summer than Andalusia. Those of us who live in the rest of Spain also have beautiful beaches and charming coastal towns, of that there is no doubt; however, changing our environment for that of the south, it is noticeable.

If you go to the beach of La Victoria in Cadiz you will feel the change I’m talking about: open, fun people and an environment where you can really disconnect and simply enjoy the day-to-day life of your holidays.

This is a beach more than three kilometres long and about 60 kilometres wide with fine golden sand and moderate waves, because of its unusual location in the Gulf of Cadiz, this coast lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the sea currents that this clash creates favour the fact that La Victoria beach has become a perfect place for surfing and kitesurfing, which is why hundreds of people come to the area not only in search of a festive atmosphere, but also in search of disconnection on a beach that allows them to do whatever they feel like doing.
The palm-lined promenade that borders the beach is beautiful, with enough beach bars, bars, restaurants and little shops here and there for you to try something new every day without getting bored.

As you can see, in La Victoria you can enjoy a full day at the beach: a good Mediterranean breakfast, a couple of hours doing water sports, then a couple more hours relaxing and tanning under the Mediterranean sun and then a good seafood meal in any of the restaurants along the promenade. Surely you are tired, so what better than to enjoy the traditional siesta and then start again, because the Cadiz party is waiting for you!

With all this, it is not surprising that La Victoria is considered one of the best beaches in Spain, recognised with the Blue Flag and the Q Seal of Tourist Quality awarded by the Spanish Institute for Tourist Quality (ICTE) in 2004.

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