The first dog friendly beach in barcelona

perros barcelona
Dog owners in Spain find it very difficult to enjoy the beach with their pets. For this reason, many animal associations have been demanding for the last few years the creation of spaces where dogs are allowed. Fortunately for the inhabitants of Barcelona, these demands have been heard and this year the city will have a beach for dogs.

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1,500 square metres for dogs

Until now, people who wanted to go to Barcelona beach with their dogs could only do so out of season. However, from this year the Catalan capital will set up a sandy area so that dogs can also go to the beach in summer. The 1,500 square metre area will be available for use from June. This is a pilot measure that will only allow the presence of dogs that are registered and microchipped. Apparently, only 45,700 of the estimated 70,000 dogs in the city are registered.

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Llevant beach

This dog-friendly beach is located on Llevant beach, which was upgraded in 2006. This is one of the last beaches to be added to the Barcelona coastline. As it is somewhat removed from the city centre, it offers a quiet atmosphere and less crowds than other coastal areas of the Catalan capital.

Delimited by a wooden fence

According to the Town Hall, the area for dogs will be delimited by a wooden fence. This pilot test, which will cost 60.000 euros, plus 28.000 euros per year for maintenance, is, without a doubt, great news for animal lovers.

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