The beach and the blue summer route

The beach you see above has become an iconic scene in the history of television, and therefore, in the lives of many people in Spain. Because you are looking at Calahonda beach, located in Malaga, which is the place where one of TVE’s legendary series par excellence begins: “Verano Azul”. The beach where the famous gang that aroused so many sighs, emotions, laughter and tears in the 80s, met for the first time…

This secluded and charming beach is just one of the places that make up a curious route that we can follow and experience in the town of Nerja, Malaga. For the nostalgic, it is a great alternative for a different kind of holiday.

Chanquete’s Boat

It was just over a year ago that the Blue Summer Route was inaugurated in the Andalusian town, thanks to the initiative. The aim of this project is to promote tourism and culture in the town, basing the route on the most famous places where the popular series was filmed. And what better way to start the tour than to visit Chanquete’s boat (“del barco de Chanquete, no nos moverán…” Do you remember?), which is located in a park called, of course, Parque Verano Azul.

Beach, sun… And television route

The route is designed to be done on foot, and can be the perfect complement to enjoy a different leisure alternative once you have spent the day sunbathing, swimming or relaxing in a beach bar on the beaches of beautiful Nerja. During the guided tour, participants will have the chance to learn curious anecdotes and events that took place during the filming of the series. Without a doubt, it is a very special opportunity to relive the younger years of a whole generation of Spanish television viewers.

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