The longest beach in spain

playa Donana
Spain has nothing to envy from any other country in the world as far as beaches are concerned. On our coasts we can find beaches of all kinds: enormous, small, secluded, solitary, unspoilt, lively, perfect for surfing… In short, the Spanish coastline offers beaches to suit all tastes.

On this website we have already talked about many Spanish beaches, but today we want to focus on one that has a peculiarity that sets it apart from the rest. We are referring to the longest beach in Spain, and you just have to join us!

30 kilometres long

The longest beach in Spain is in the province of Huelva, in one of the most beautiful natural parks in the country. We are referring to the beach of Doñana, which stretches from the northwest of Matalascañas to the mouth of the Guadalquivir, some 30 kilometres long. Impressive, don’t you think? However, it is not only its length that makes it special.

playa Donana1

A wild and unspoilt beach

Doñana beach is virgin, wild and tremendously beautiful. It has managed to remain intact thanks to the struggle of many people. In fact, if it were not for them, another rooster would sing. Here you can find an extensive dune system covered in some stretches by pine trees and beautiful lagoons. The largest of these is Santa Olalla, which retains water all year round and is frequented by different species of birds.

A perfect beach for bird-watching.

This beach is one of the best spots on the peninsula for bird watching, where you can see the coastal movements of a large number of birds as they pass between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We leave you with our gallery below, where you will find more images of this fabulous beach. Don’t miss it!

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