The beach of silence in asturias

You don’t have to go far to discover incredible beaches. Within our borders you can find magical spots where you can enjoy the tranquillity and relaxation you need so much. Today we are going to move to the Bay of Biscay, where you will find some of the most beautiful places in Spain. In Asturias, more specifically in Cudillero, you will find the Playa del Silencio beach which, as its name suggests, is a place that could be called silent.

Its spectacular cliffs close in on themselves, turning the waves into a subtle whisper. Playa del Silencio beach is shaped like a shell and is no more than 500 metres long, although it is half a kilometre full of charms, with a combination of protective cliffs, islets scattered along the shore, fine golden sand, pebbles and the quality and special colour of its waters.
The main attraction of this Asturian beach is its conservation. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to visit this corner of Cudillero you will have to fully respect the environment. Thanks to its unspoilt landscape, it has been recognised as a protected area on the western coast of the Principality.

The waters of La Playa del Silencio are always calm, so diving in them is a real pleasure. The waters are almost always calm and diving in them is a small luxury. The life on the seabed is characteristic of the Bay of Biscay: a large number of mussels and barnacles on the rocks of the channels, groves of laminaria, wrasse, sea bream, sea bream, conger eels and scorpion fish. If you dive, you may also find some sea bass.

To access this marvellous beach you will have to leave your car near the village of Castañeras and go down some steep steps.

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