The beach of sonabia in orinon

The beach I’m going to tell you about today is not very well known, except for lovers of nudism and less crowded beaches. It is Sonabia Beach, located between the villages of Oriñón and Liendo (Cantabria) and whose beauty you can admire in these pictures. This small beach, almost a cove, is protected from prying eyes by high hills, and is a favourite for those looking for a place in the sun away from the more bustling areas.

Sonabia Beach has no lifeguards, and although it is a classic example of nudism in the north of Spain, both nudists and people in swimming costumes live here in harmony. Its golden sand and clean waters make it a little paradise.

The cape of La Ballena

On the right-hand side of the beach there is even a vulture’s nest. As you come along the access road, you will find two small beach bars and a car park. Further on there is a larger car park and a grill; these features make this a favourite spot for motorhome holidaymakers. To the right you can make out a headland that juts out into the sea and is called La Ballena (The Whale) because of its curious shape. This cape is next to another beautiful beach, which is more crowded: Oriñón Beach.

Tranquillity and calm waters

This place is a point of reference for diving enthusiasts due to the beauty of its seabed, where you can even find white gorgonians (the corals of the north). For the rest of the travellers, the beach itself offers a corner full of beauty and tranquillity in which to enjoy sports such as paddle boarding, frisbee… It is also a good place for kayaking, as the waters of this beach are quite calm. If this spring you go on a route through the eastern part of Cantabria, don’t miss a stop on the way at the beautiful Sonabia Beach.

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