The beach of puerto banus in marbella

Puerto Banús is one of the most renowned beaches in Spain both inside and outside the country, and in addition to a wonderful climate, it has an incredible range of leisure activities, including large hotels, exquisite Mediterranean restaurants and luxurious shops in the busy holiday town of Marbella, in Malaga (Andalusia).

The beach of Puerto Banús (whose original name is ‘Puerto José Banús’ in reference to the residential tourism promoter who brought this area to fame) is located between the Verde River and the Port of the area, and is a coast of dark golden sand surrounded by an always atmospheric promenade of beach bars and palm trees.

It is simply a beach destination for entertainment, a place where you can simply unwind in a carefree daily routine of long walks on the beach, endless days of sun in summer, action-packed activities with jet skis, kayaks or pedal boats, tasting the freshest seafood and the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the incredible nightlife in bars, pubs and discos.

This wide range of services makes this beach one of the most popular on the Costa del Sol, especially during the summer season, when the temperature is ideal.

Close to the beach you will find an infinite range of hotels with establishments to suit all budgets, so the area is not only reserved for the upper echelons. What is definitely only available to some are the luxurious shops of prestigious brands such as Gucci, Dior, Versace, Bvlgari or Dolce & Gabbana, for example.

However, you can’t miss a stroll along the Boulevard de la Fama in Puerto Banús, created to honour the personalities who have promoted Marbella through their professional dedication. With the Gold Medal for Merit in Tourism and the ‘Gold Mercury International’, you might be wondering if this isn’t the perfect choice for your next holiday.

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